International Sambo and Boxing Center

About Project

  • Status

  • Work start date

  • Standard construction period

    4 years
  • Actual construction period

    24 months
  • Area, sq. m

    45 000
  • Address

    Moscow, Central Administrative District, st. Luzhniki, 24, building 31

It is planned to build an international sambo center and a boxing center on the territory of Luzhniki, where training and competitions can be held all year round.

The sambo and boxing centers will be united by a common facade, but they will be able to function independently of each other.

Another feature of the future building is a mirrored ceiling and stained glass facades. Thanks to this solution, it will be possible to watch competitions and trainings from outside the building.

The International SAMBO Center and the Boxing Center will provide all the conditions for the training process: gyms, fitness equipment, a swimming pool, a medical rehabilitation center, where, under the supervision of a doctor, athletes will be able to receive medical care and undergo preventive procedures.

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